April 23, 2018


Here we are in St. Thomas, Brewers Bay beautiful anchorage, about 500′ off the beach. Perfect night sleeping, only rained once briefly during the night. Re-opened our hatch for the perfect temperature breeze.

It’s 6:30 in the morning, daylight I am awakened by a woman talking loudly, I poked my head up out of the hatch like a Meerekat to find the offending woman. I spot a group of about 8 people soaking about in the water, their heads loom like little floating soccer balls. I send the evil eye their direction then lay back down, knowing they probably didn’t see me.

Hmm…They seemed to quiet a bit, back to my zzzz’s. Nope now the whole group is singing Kumbya at the top of their lungs. Do they not know that people are actually trying to sleep on some of these boats anchored? Really? It’s 6 freaking 30 in the morning!

Thank the Kumbya God that Ryan heard me get up and had my cup of coffee waiting for me.

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