Not so Pooperon

March 10, 2018 Saturday

We made safely to Luperon, Dominican Republic after an uneventful 3 night passage. We’ve been here a week already and not eager to leave anytime soon.

Our friends on Tookish whom we are buddy boating with arrived yesterday from the Turks. The next weather window looks like next Thursday to head towards Samana.

We are all excited to see the whales in that area, there are supposed to be lots as it is breeding season.

But let’s back up a bit about Luperon. For years I have read and heard nothing positve about coming here. The harbour was supposed to be brown and gross (hence: Pooperon), the officials were to be all corrupt and expecting “gifts” at every opportunity. Just supposed to be an overall yucky place.

This place has NOT met my expectations. Let’s start with the harbour, granted it is not the Bahamas but the water is not brown either. It’s a greenish color and you can actually see down about 3′. I certainly wouldn’t get in it, I have become a water snob. In my minds eye the harbour was a lot bigger than it actually is. There are about 60ish boats here now, most on a mooring ball.

The moorings are sometimes questionable, with a drag rate greater than 60%. Therefore we made sure to back down on ours at 2500rpm and have 3 lines tied at different areas of the mooring.

There is a competition between Papo and Handy Andy, maybe diesel, gas, laundry, garbage etc… both are very eager to help you.

Once we made it to the government dock we headed down the road to find Customs and Immigration. We got all checked in with them along with Agriculture and the Commandant with the Navy. We only paid the fees we expected to pay. There were no asking for gifts from anyone. All the officials were very polite and welcoming.

The official that came out to take a photo of our boat also expected nothing.

Wow so far nothing as we expected! We then went into “town” to see where we get groceries etc. Afterwards we went back to the dinghy dock at Las Velas restaurant near the boat got a beer and some dinner. We had 2 big Presidente and a burger with fries and a small pizza for under $14. We are NOT in the Bahamas anymore.

We met a local guy who gave us tons of info about everything we needed to know. Laundry, veggie truck, etc…

On Monday we rented a motorcycle for the day for $10. We rode everywhere, and to Puerto Plata. What an adventure that was!

Since Tuesday we found another restaurant just barely up the hill called Petulas. Omg…The food is outstanding, all dishes are 350 pesos (about $7USD) and happy hour is 2-4. Rum drinks are 50 pesos each, about $1USD for a big mason jar glass of rum and coke. We love this place!!

By Wednesday we made it back to town and got some wifi, we got a week of unlimited for $10. Woohoo, this is exciting.

We found that everyone was exceptionally friendly towards us, especially if we attempted to speak Spanish.

So bottom line here is don’t not go exploring based on what you’ve read, go see for yourself. I am very happy we did come to Luperon.


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