Second try….nope third try.

Tuesday, February 21st

Grrrr….if this doesn’t work this time I’m taking a break from it for a few days.

This is now my third try to get this post completed, I have no idea where the completed first one went. The second try I thought I was deleting a small section and it ended up being the whole thing except the title.

It does not help that we currently have very  slow Internet,  but I’ll try again.

I can only hope these pictures download for you. Hopefully wifi will be better soon. Can’t really complain it’s free.

Made my first ever totally homemade in a pan pizza on the grill, then baked a loaf of bread. Both very yummy.

Ms. Keko is a little daredevil,  we are off shore in bumpy seas and she thinks it’s a good idea to walk on the slippery solar panel.

Mr. Nibbles just loving life  lounging about. Nibbles loves to chase the moths, sometimes when he can’t reach them Daddy holds him up so he can.

Lastly we have a glorious sunset.

Next up:

Dean’s Blue Hole was stunning, I climbed up the hill for the best photo vantage point. It was worth it. The hole is 663′ deep and drops off suddenly.

See the white this is in the Water? There is a man sitting on the left side of it he holds 3 world records for deep free diving.

He uses the apparatus for free diving.  He was practicing for an upcoming event. 

Along the road we saw an old church and cemetery we think it was from  the 1700’s. It was quite interesting to see.

We also found another church built by Fr. Jerome back in 1946. The same Fr. Jerome that built the Hermitage on Cat Island. 

Finally we have a photo of our back yard for the day. We were almost back to Georgetown but decided to enjoy one last anchorage before getting good back to the craziness.  

When we left GT last week there were 300 boats, with the cruisers regatta in 3 days and all the events surrounding it, I’m sure it will swell to over 500.

Ryan has been very busy helping with peoples broken watermakers when we are in GT.

That’s it for now,  I’ll try to be better at keeping this updated.


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