What it costs


Everyone always wants to know what does it cost to cruise? This answer is different for everyone. We choose to avoid marnias, and only anchor out. We make our own water and electricity.

Prior to our departure I provisioned our boat like crazy, therefore we didn’t really need a lot of groceries. The only groceries we purchased were usually fresh fruit and veggies, a small amount of meat. So when you see February’s totals and see that our liquor expenses were almost more than groceries this would be the reason why.

You will also see under “Fuel” originally we grouped diesel, gas and propane together, we now separate each expense.

I think that these two months show what our costs will be close to when we return in the fall to continue cruising in the Bahamas.

Since I haven’t figured out yet how to post the Excel spreadsheet already opened you will have to click the link. Sorry.

feb mar expenses

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